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Grades K-1

Place Value Race Around PDF - Ones, Tens

Thrill your students with these “I have...who has...” place value games. Available in 3 learner levels.


Telling Time Race Around PDF - Hour and Half

Tell time on an analog clock the fun way with this “I have...who has...” game. Available in 3 learner levels. 


Place Value Concentration - Ladybug K-1 PDF

Involve young learners in visual assessment of quantities of 1 – 32 with this Ladybug concentration game. K – 1


Place Value Concentration - Primary 1's and 10's PDF

Develop a visual number sense for ones, and tens with this concentration matching game. Includes 36 cards and construction instructions. K – 1


Race Around - Money and Mental Math - Dimes and Pennies PDF

Build mental math alongside money property skills with this “I have...who has...” game. Can be played whole-class or in groups. K – 1


Number Trails Gameboards---Primary PDF

Practice multiples/factors of 2, 5, and 10 for 1 – 30 in this number properties game. K – 1


Learning Link Ideas for Primary Math PDF

Teach young leaners basic facts, attributes of objects,  calendar activities, and more with learning links. K – 2


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