Mighty Math Tools

Mighty Math Tools K-5
Number Sense • Place Value • Fractions • Counting
Even and Odd • Computation • Time • Money • Shapes • Rounding

Learn fun and easy ways to teach math concepts with effective games, make-and-takes, songs, and unique activities.

Looking for new ways to energize your math lessons? Need some “go to” activities that EFFECTIVELY target teach specific math skills? Well, look no further! Ron and Nancy Brown have created an amazing teacher-friendly workshop that will add exciting new elements to your math program. They will dem­onstrate dozens of practical, easy-to-implement ideas that will ignite learning and promote understanding. The Browns under­stand the challenges of today’s classrooms. They have devel­oped powerful teaching strategies that truly reach all students. The best part of a Mighty Math Tools workshop is the fact that each technique or idea presented dovetails perfectly with your daily lesson planning. Join Ron and Nancy for this fast-paced workshop jam-packed with dozens of easy-to-use games, activities, make-and-takes, songs, and strategies that will help raise test scores and pro­mote understanding.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practical ready-to-use games, ideas, activities, techniques, and strategies to teach math skills and concepts. (Easy to use!)
  • New Ron Brown music that will help your kids easily remember countless math skills and standards while having a blast.
  • Discover Kim Sutton’s amazing math tools and games that provide support for any math program. Kim’s materials are “kid friendly” and amazingly effective.
  • Ways to accelerate learning, provide inclusion, create excitement, and add understanding to your daily lessons.
  • Ways to organize each student’s math materials for on the spot lessons.
  • Discover how to use math song lyrics to teach reading, vocabulary development, skimming, structural analysis, reading for information, and fluency while teaching a math skill or concept. (Double Dip!)
  • Learn how songs and chants create life long hooks to memory that make unforgettable math connec­tions. Advertisers have been doing this for years!
  • Add valuable new ideasto your teacher tool belt. Create your own MIGHTY MATH CLASS!

Workshop Highlights:

Check in. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry. Get Ready!
*There are projects to complete before class begins!

Introduce and explore the math tool kit.
*Dice packet, mini playing cards, game sheets, make it and take it activities, chips, and so much more. (Gotta love those teacher goodies!)

You will leave with dozens of ready to use materials. 
*Amazing hands-on math games, make-and-take activities, unique tech­niques, and original songs that target teach specific math skills and ignite learning. EASY TO IMPLEMENT!

Math Concepts: Numbers and number sense, place value, time, money, fractions, shapes, rounding, skip counting with multiples, 10 frames, even and odd, and computation.

What the latest research says. 
* WE will demonstrate creative techniques that get the brain processing and storing critical math concepts.
* Learn why these powerful techniques stimulate the brain and optimize learning.

Two Hats
*We will invite you to wear your “teacher hat” as well as a “kid hat” as you experience ready-to-use math games and activities. (How can I use this as a teacher; and, what does it feel like as a student?) All of the ideas will easily “plug” into your existing programs. LITTLE OR NO PREP!

K-5 games and ideas from both Kim Sutton and the Browns

Putting it All Together and Wrapping it Up!

About the Speakers:

With more than 50 years of primary and intermediate teaching experience between them, Ron and Nancy Brown understand what truly works in the classroom. They continually draw rave reviews at state, national and international conferences for their creative and practical teaching ideas. For more than 20 years, the Browns have helped thousands of teachers learn useful tips, tricks, and techniques that help engage and motivate students during daily math lessons. Using original songs and loads of creativity, Ron and Nancy have developed a string of amazing classroom-tested ideas and activities that are loved by both students and educators. Ron Brown is the author of more than 500 educational songs. He is also recognized and published by:

  • Kim Sutton-Creative Mathematics
  • McGraw Hill Math
  • Peace Corps
  • Skillastics
  • Perfection Learning Co.
  • Shiller Math
  • Danos Books (Israel)
  • Award Reading (Australia)
  • Teaching & Learning Magazine (United Kingdom)
  • Jiggy Wrigglers (United Kingdom)
  • Shiller Reading

Who Should Attend?

All K-5 Classroom Teachers, Resource Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators (K-5) and Administrators are encourged to attend.

What to Bring:

Scissors, colored markers, stapler, scotch tape, glue sticks.


Substitutions may be made at any time. All cancellations received the day of the seminar or afterwards are subject to a $15.00 service charge.

This Seminar Includes:

Extensive Resource Handbook, Prizes, Free sampler digital drop card with original songs.

University Credit:

Earn 1, 2 or 3 semester units of credit from University of Pacific for an additional charge. These credential/licensure courses are designed primarily for elective or professional development purposes.

How To Register:

Call (800) 841-5193 ~ or use our printable Registration Form: either mail, fax, or use your credit card on our secure server. Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted (US funds only).