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Critical Math Tools EVERY Classroom Needs To Have And Use Today

Change how you teach and how your students understand mathematics!

Spend the day with Kim Sutton as she explores new ideas for game changing math tools for your classroom. Teaching with math intensity for the K-5 classroom requires simple tools that allow students to experience meaningful math content. Come and learn how Kim Sutton takes simple but powerful tools and shares how to use them with mathematical depth in the elementary classroom. Kim’s classes are comprehensive and address all levels of learning from primary to upper grades.

Number Lines are the most frequently mentioned classroom tool in current standards. Kim believes the #1 important tool for today’s elementary mathematics is a class number line. Kim will share new strategies for her signature tool along with great ideas for using empty number lines. This will apply to people who have never used this tool or for those of you already enjoying the benefit of using a number line. Kim has created a powerful new number line game in two versions- one for primary and one for upper! You will love your students’ response to this fun game! Participants will also appreciate the manual for this class with lots of ideas for alternative algorithms for regrouping, making change, elapsed time, rounding skills, fractions, decimals, place value, multiples and factors.

Teaching place value is a tremendous challenge and Kim’s place value pockets will change the motivation in the classroom as every student will be engaged. Learn how and when to use them effectively at every grade level. Kim will show how to review every content standard. Busy hands make busy minds with this tool through number sense, algebraic reasoning along with critical thinking skills! Assessment is immediate and effective for students and teachers. Place value understanding in your class will improve in ways you won’t believe by consistent use of this tool.

The big game changer for math fact fluency is pattern sticks! You will love how effective and motivating these tools are for addition facts, missing addends, skip counting by multiples, multiplication facts and equivalent fractions. You will learn three new games that create consistency for practice! Never before has Kim Sutton gone into the depth of using this tool. Learn the magic of pattern sticks and how they will change your classroom.

What a great way to add fundamentals that supplement your current math program. You will love the new songs, dances and the use of Ron Brown’s new CD, Keep It Movin’ for classroom transitions. Spend the day with Kim Sutton with all her great strategies and motivation ideas. Be ready to go back and rock the school year!

About the Speaker:

Kim Sutton is a fabulous presenter, who has taught thousands of teachers the joy and excitement of hands-on math. Kim’s teaching experience includes over 30 years of classroom teaching, time as a regional math specialist and as a university instructor. Kim has worked with over 300 districts nationally and internationally as a staff development consultant. Kim has a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education and has been the keynote speaker for state and regional math conferences. Kim has produced many wonderful math games and tools and is the author of 16 titles, as well as the creator of the 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency program for grades K-6. Experience what others have learned—Kim Sutton is a dynamic, extraordinary educator whose enthusiasm and love for teaching are contagious! She gives you practical, easy to implement information and ideas that you will use for years. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be thrilled, challenged, and energized!

Great Books by Kim:

  • All Aboard the Algebra Express
  • Fractions: A Part of the Whole
  • Math Engineers
  • Math Focus Activities
  • Visual Tools
  • Number Line Workbook
  • The Power of Digital Root
  • Making Math Books with Children
  • Powerful Numbers 0-100
  • Place Value with Pizzazz
  • Dynamic Dice
  • Do the Math
  • Math Drills to Thrill
  • Let’s Get Started!
  • Dazzling Dominoes
  • Bump It!

What You Will Learn:

  • Math tools that enhance any commercial mathematics program. Make sure you have and use them.
  • Daily questions for Kim’s Number Line that focus students’ attention and reinforces basic number sense
  • How to use these tools for alternative algorithms for regrouping, making change, elapsed time, rounding skills, fractions, decimals, place value, multiples and factors
  • Tools that build strong number sense, algebraic reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Answering the issue of math fact fluency with the pattern sticks for all four operations
  • New games that are easy to implement and incredibly motivating that you can use in your class tomorrow
  • How to carry off smooth transitions in your classroom with special music from Ron Brown
  • Kinesthetic mathematics! Dance, dance, dance!

Who Should Attend?

All K-5 Classroom Teachers, Resource Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators and Administrators should attend.


Substitutions may be made at any time. All cancellations received the day of the seminar or afterwards are subject to a $15 service charge.

University Credit:

Credit from Humboldt State University is available for an additional charge. These credential/licensure courses offered are designed primarily for elective or professional development purposes. Clock hours may also be available – please check at the workshop.

What To Bring:

Scissors, marking pens, scotch tape, glue stick, stapler, hole punch and camera (optional).