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Fun with Fractions

Do you feel 100% comfortable in the content involved with teaching fracĀ­tions? How can we as teachers create meaning with motivation on this difficult area of mathematics? In this all-day workshop, Kim Sutton will share important strategies to build a strong geometric foundation for fracĀ­tions for first and second grade teachers as well as tips for third, fourth and fifth grade teachers to use manipulative models to further classroom understanding of area, set and number lines in a clear and fun way. 

Building a strong understanding of fractions starts early in primary grades with geometry standards in first and second grade by partitioning shapes using fractions. Developing number sense concepts like subitizing, composing and decomposing of numbers, and simple division build underĀ­standings of part-to-whole relationships, a key building block of fractions for early learners. Third through fifth grade students deal with multiple modĀ­els of fractions, and the manipulation of fractions with the four operations. Participants will explore strategies for classroom motivation with games, songs, dances and literature in this exciting new class for grades 1-5. 

Kim will give practical strategies with ā€œhands onā€ activities that push children to understand the conceptual meaning of fractions. Geometry and number sense standards will be included in all the activities. She will use a variety of tools for everyday use to help students get comfortable applying fractions to areas like data analysis and geometry. 

Kim will share fun questioning strategies with fractions that help with evaluation and student understanding. Teachers will be amazed at how their own content knowledge increases as Kim shares ideas for students! The manual will become a meaningful number sense guide, and teachers will leave the workshop with many models they build in class. Come preĀ­pared to adjust your attitude about teaching fractions!

This is a previously recorded workshop. Approximately 6 hours. University Credit/Clock Hours available upon request, assignment required.

Virtual - Fun with Fractions

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