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  • Keep It Movin! (Digital)

Set the stage and energize your classroom workflow with this fun and engaging collection of 28 instrumental  songs.  Each two minute music track features music stylings ranging from rock, jazz and country to hip hop and classical.  These songs will easily help you set the tone for smoother transitions and more focused games and activities. Classroom management is a breeze when you use the power of music and Keep It Movin’.

Track Listings

  1. Boom! Boom! sample
  2. Happy Kids
  3. Country Pep sample
  4. Peaceful
  5. African Mallet
  6. A Little Louder sample
  7. Ballad #40
  8. 80's Pop
  9. Chamber Music
  10. Piano Fun sample
  11. Sidewalk Walk
  12. Merry Mandolin
  13. Scissors sample
  14. Happy Disco
  15. Are you Ready for This?
  16. Spring Time
  17. Hip Hop
  18. The Pacer
  19. Rockin' March
  20. Country Swaang
  21. Jungle Walk sample
  22. Tiny March
  23. Symphonic sample
  24. Hey!
  25. Oh Yeah Na Na
  26. Aliens
  27. Gold Rush sample
  28. Samba

Keep It Movin! (Digital)

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