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Keep It Movin!

Smooth teaching transitions with instrumental songs that keep students on track. K - 5


Math Concepts I & II

Bestselling CD packs math concepts appropriate for many grades into double album. K - 5


Rock Your Math Class

Use music to build the skills and supplement lesson plans for primary students. K - 2


Math Beats!

Reinforce key concepts about measurement, tallying, shapes, and expanded notation. K -3


Math! Math! Math!

Expand students’ knowledge of time, shapes, and measurement. K - 5


Ready! Set! Math!

Develop math skills early with easy to grasp tunes for young learners. PreK/Kinder.


Mighty Math Songs

Get your students eager to learn about place value, rounding, probability, and more. K - 5


Big Kid Math

Introduce complicated concepts like prime numbers, decimals, rounding, and more. 3 – 6.


Kinder World

Engage kindergarten learners with songs written precisely for their development level.


K-1 Math Songs

Build primary math skills and standards while having fun with 18 exciting songs. K – 1.


The Learning Ride

Form connections between math, music, and other subjects in your classroom. K – 1.


Divisibility Rules

Instill memorable divisibility rules guaranteed to ease fact fluency for students. 3 – 6.



Teach addition facts the fun way, with vibrant, catchy songs in a variety of styles. K - 3



Develop subtraction skills and number sense with tunes your students will love. 2-5



Rock out in your classroom while learning multiplication facts and patterns. 2 - 5


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