Staff Development DVDs

Creative Mathematics is very proud to offer flexible, and affordable staff development through DVD that will allow you to bring our national presenters into your schools! These excellent new DVD training programs are designed to help you strengthen your classroom instruction. Outstanding Creative Mathematics trainers demonstrate and explain powerful, effective strategies and techniques in a workshop setting.

Unlike many video training programs, which give you only a brief overview of teaching methods, these DVD’s will enable viewers to immediately implement these outstanding strategies in their own classroom programs. In the coming months, we will be adding other classes by other presenters.

Use this DVD training program:

  • as part of a comprehensive staff development program
  • in staff development training focused on specific topics
  • in school site faculty, grade level, or department meetings

Each DVD training program includes a manual master (with duplication rights), plus you have the option of purchasing teacher “tool kits” for each participant so they can follow along and have a hands-on experience.

Cost of the DVD’s:

Cost for a 2-hour video class is $299. There is also a teacher ”tool kit” available to make the class hands on for $3.00 per teacher. UPS Ground Shipping is included: orders needed earlier than UPS Ground shall be charged additional shipping fees.

Building Strong Number Sense with Place Value Power

Does your school need a place value boost? This DVD is meant for large group trainings and includes toolkits. K – 6


Walk Kim's Number Line

This all-day class is chock full of activities and strategies for using Kim’s Numberline in your classroom. K – 5


Effective Math Tools

This all-day class focuses on implementing the most important tools for mastering math in your classroom. K – 5


Children's Literature & Smart Math Strategies

This all-day class integrates children’s literature with relevant math concepts for improved understanding of both. Fun for all! K – 5


The Six Guiding Principles of Teaching Elementary Mathematics

This two-hour class focuses on six big concepts you can implement in your classroom TODAY. K – 5


The Wonder of Place Value

This two-hour class focuses exclusively on place value understanding and effective teaching strategies using games, dice, and more. K – 5


Computational Strategies To Promote Fluency with Basic Facts

This two-hour class builds knowledge of basic facts through fun games and classroom activities. K – 5


The Importance of Mathematical Language in the Elementary Classroom

This two-hour class is devoted to the importance of modeling and building mathematical vocabulary. K – 5


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