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Building Strong Number Sense with Place Value Power

Making Place Value Easy and Fun for Your Students

Place Value is poorly represented in many math programs and it is a key element in mathematical understanding. All elementary teachers need to understand the importance of teaching place value. Kim Sutton's new class for teachers grades K-5 goes to the heart of the area students are weakest in–place value! Kim will take you on a deep and critical journey into the world of place value, with an intense look at making place value come alive for your students.

This class will examine how to teach place value effectively, how to motivate students and demonstrate practical strategies that you can use tomorrow in your classroom. Kim's 34 years as an educator brings a world of experience to her seminars along with content knowledge that helps every teacher teach the concepts more effectively. This class will clarify place value and how to teach it using a powerful three-step process! You will receive countless strategies including ready-to-go centers for easy-to-implement levels of competency. You will experience songs, dances, literature, games and activities to fill the gaps that exist on place value in the math textbooks. All the modeled games and activities will be using whole numbers and decimals.

Kim Sutton's own brand of motivational strategies are infectious and you will gain new ways to generate enthusiasm for learning mathematics with your students. Kim will arm you with many tools, games, centers, literature and music that are amazing and simple to use. You will also see practical and meaningful classroom management strategies throughout the seminar

What You Will Learn:

What are the place value concepts that are important to teach and reteach
How to teach place value concepts effectively through a three-step model.
Kim's Top Ten children's literature titles for place value power!
Games that go the distance for building place value understanding.
How to differentiate mathematical instruction with Kim's "ready to go" centers-more than you hoped for!
Strategies for intervention and to challenge all students.
Classroom and student place value tools for maximizing your instructional time for achieving the best results in number sense.
How to create leveled centers for reinforcement of place value using an RTI model!
Place Value songs from Ron Brown that go to the "heart" of learning.
How to make your classroom much more motivating for learning mathematics with Kim's amazing strategies!
Place value clues to reinforce all mathematical language and concepts—simple to use and extremely powerful!

Who Should Attend?

All K-5 Classroom Teachers, Resource Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators and Administrators should attend.


Substitutions may be made at any time. All cancellations received the day of the seminar or afterwards are subject to a $15 service charge.

University Credit:

Earn Gradute-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your completion of a Creative Mathematics Workshop. Learn more at the Courses4Teachers website: https://courses4teachers.net/creative-mathematics/