Barbara Novelli

Barbara Novelli is a gifted educator, who has taught for over twenty years, working with young learners. Barbara’s expertise in the area of mathematics and science has helped her in her many distinguished positions: AIMS Foundation Associate Director, Teaching Consultant for CSIN (California Science Implementation Network), Mentor Teacher, Director of Staff & Curriculum and Finalist for the Presidential Award in Mathematics.

Barbara has written many articles about teaching mathematics and science to young learners, and her new book Overs and Overs is now available!

Barbara has a real love for teaching teachers which she does with an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm. She has taught and worked with hundreds of educators around the country, helping them solve problems, improve daily management, and understand and plan developmentally appropriate integrated curriculum.

Barbara’s Classes

  • Getting to the Core of Geometry and Measurement
  • Math Games for All Standards
  • Math Games for All Standards – 2 Day
  • Laying the Foundation for Mathematics in the Pre-K and Kindergarten Classroom
  • Math Success for All Students
  • Math Camp – 4 Day Intensive Math Camp for Teachers
  • Love Teaching Math – 2 Day
  • Math Festival – 2 Day
  • Teaching Science Through Literature
  • Improving Student Achievement in Measurement & Geometry
  • Strategies for Teaching Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Sensationally Simple Science
  • Boost Math Scores with Science


Phone: (541) 383-0148