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Balancing the Math Act

1 Day Seminar

The mathematics movement in the United States and Canada has created many opportunities for students to become actively involved in meaningful mathematics. There is still a need to balance the mathematics program so that students are involved in experiences that include exercises, problems, and investigations. This is exciting new seminar will feature strategies to include all components essential to learning mathematics.

Textbooks are tools for the curriculum, but not the only necessary tools for mathematics. Teachers need to feel empowered by the knowledge of what is important in math and how to achieve the goals of the curriculum. In this seminar, Kim will share powerful strategies for K-5 classrooms to enhance and motivate children to learn mathematical content. This seminar is filled with practical ideas and activities that will excite both students and teachers. Kim always includes management suggestions and questioning techniques sure to make implementation a snap in your classroom. Kim will model the use of math and thinking "tools" in every lesson. The seminar is filled with activities in the content areas of patterns and functions, number, measurement, geometry, and probability and statistics. Kim will share new children's literature integrated into the seminar to help students connect the real world and mathematics. This workshop will send you back to your classroom motivated and energized to teach mathematics with meaning and help you maintain a balance with all the essential elements of the mathematics program.

What You Will Learn:

  • The essential elements of a meaningful mathematics program.
  • New ideas for daily drill and practice.
  • How to recognize and teach a content intensive mathematics program.
  • Matching children's literature to motivate mathematical content.
  • How to use new math "tools" for a balanced program.
  • Questioning techniques to enable higher levels of thought.
  • "Hands-On" activities modeled for immediate implementation for K-5 students.
  • Management suggestions to maximize active involvement in your classroom.
  • Ways to energize your current math curriculum.

Who Should Attend?

All 1-6 Classroom Teachers, Elementary Math Teachers, Resource Specialists and Curriculum Coordinators should attend.


Substitutions may be made at any time. All cancellations received the day of the seminar or afterwards are subject to a $15.00 service charge.

University Credit:

Earn Gradute-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your completion of a Creative Mathematics Workshop. Learn more at the Courses4Teachers website: https://courses4teachers.net/creative-mathematics/

What To Bring:

Scissors, marking pens, scotch tape, glue stick, stapler and camera (optional).