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Creating A New Vision For Teaching Math – 2 Day

Hands, Heads and Hearts

Kim has put together a powerful new two day class for K-5 teachers that focuses on hands (“hands-on” materials), head (critical thinking and math content), and heart (passion for teaching) to get teachers ready for the new school year.

You will love the active engagement and strategies for developing strong number sense, creating a classroom ready for patterns and functions, encouraging algebraic reasoning along with measurement and geometry.  Kim has created many new games, puzzles and activities for all grade levels.  Kim effortlessly shows you how to make this a part of your regular curriculum.

Kim’s classes are known for being content driven while also being amazingly fun!  This class is full of ideas that will strengthen your mathematical understanding and teaching. Come to this exciting two days to revive your own teaching spirit and prepare to rock this next school year.

Highlights Include:

  • A powerful tool kit and manual that includes “hands on” tools and strategies for building strong number sense.

  • Construction of meaningful math tools that will become a part of your classroom everyday!  Bring your scissors, colored markers, scotch tape, stapler and an individual hole punch! We have work to do!

  • Leave knowing how to teach place value to students so that it sticks in our heads!  We will explore counting, composing, decomposing and subitizing as required skills for place value!

  • Create a powerful mindset for math with five critical math routines daily! Everything will be ready to go for these routines.

  • New puzzles to engage students in thinking and problem solving!

  • Thrilling your students with math fac fluency drills!  Take on that all important 10-15 minutes daily for skills that are applied in all areas of math content.

  • The brain research is correct! Use music and movement to bring heart into your math lessons! We will make our playlists to be ready for the fall!

  • New math games that will improve mental math, academic vocabulary and relationships within the classroom.

  • How to select literature to “companion” your math lesson! What books are out there to make the mathematics come alive!

About The Speaker:

Kim Sutton is an amazing educator who has shared her passion for teaching of mathematics and her award winning strategies with thousands of teachers throughout the world at conferences and workshops. Her extensive classroom experience is evident at every workshop. Her workshops are always exciting as participants engage in constructing tools and understanding about mathematical content. You will leave this class knowing more content, more about how children learn mathematics and with tons of practical materials! Kim Sutton has written 18 books to enhance difficult areas of the mathematics curriculum. She has also developed a phenomenal drill and practice program by grade level called Ten Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency!

Great Books by Kim:

  • All Aboard the Algebra Express
  • Fractions: A Part of the Whole
  • Math Engineers
  • Math Focus Activities
  • Visual Tools
  • Number Line Workbook
  • The Power of Digital Root
  • Making Math Books with Children
  • Powerful Numbers 0-100
  • Place Value with Pizzazz
  • Dynamic Dice
  • Do the Math
  • Math Drills to Thrill
  • Let's Get Started!
  • Dazzling Dominoes
  • Bump It!
  • Cooking Up Math Concentration
  • Cooking Up MORE Math Concentration

Who Should Attend?

All K-5 Classroom Teachers, Resource Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators and Administrators should attend.

What To Bring:

Scissors, marking pens, scotch tape, glue stick, stapler, and an individual hole punch.

University Credit:

Earn Gradute-Level Professional Development Semester Units/Credits for your completion of a Creative Mathematics Workshop. Learn more at the Courses4Teachers website: https://courses4teachers.net/creative-mathematics/

How To Register:

Call (800) 841-5193 or use our printable Registration Form: either mail, fax, or use your credit card on our secure server. Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted (US funds only).