Children's Literature and Smart Math Strategies - 2 Day (Kathy Collins)

Putting the Standards to Work

Children's Literature and Smart Math Strategies to Teach Mathematical Content is a two-day course for K-5 teachers designed by Kim Sutton of Creative Mathematics. It is being taught by Kim Sutton Associate, Kathy Collins, who is extensively trained in Kim Sutton's materials. This course gives elementary teachers powerful math content instruction with integrated literature that will effectively improve students' understand and performance in a standards-based math classroom.

This class is aligned to state, provincial and Common Core Standards for mathematics using powerful brain-based research to teach mathematical content in five emphasis areas—Smart Strategies for Number Sense, Math Humor and Motivation, Math with Money, Transformational and Three-Dimensional Geometry and Probability and Data Analysis.

Kim Sutton Associate, Kathy Collins, will model strategies using selected literature titles for real world connections helping students move away from just counting to mathematical solutions. An extensive bibliography of children's literature will be included. Teachers will experience Kim Sutton's motivational approach through Kathy Collins for utilizing "smart strategies" to move students from counting into meaningful computation done without labor or hardship! Some of the smart strategies include doubling numbers, factoring, subtraction, shortcuts for computation and the power of multiples. This class will bring new ideas for using a monthly riddle board in the classroom, along with inspirational ideas that bring new life into your classroom. Participants will work with "hands on" ideas for transformational geometry and the study of three-dimensional objects.

Throughout this intensive workshop, teachers will gain knowledge about the importance of activities that engage students in intensive data analysis opportunities. New ideas that include games, songs, literature, and "hands on" activities will be included in this workshop! Your classroom will be a "happening" place for learning intensive mathematics. Come and experience a Kim Sutton workshop taught by Kathy Collins who brings amazing expertise and enthusiasm to teaching math that will have a great impact on your teaching! Don't miss it!

What You Will Learn:

  • Participants will build stronger mathematical knowledge through five areas of emphasis—-smart strategies for number sense, math humor and motivation, math with money, transformational and three-dimensional geometry, probability and data analysis
  • Participants will learn brain-based research on effective techniques for instruction of mathematical content.
  • Participants will learn the newest titles of powerful children's literature that model important thinking strategies.
  • Participants will experience new and "classic" management "treasures" that assist in creating a visual connection to math content in the classroom.
  • Participants will learn about specific tools for mathematical content that are constructed by elementary students through "masters" included in the course manual.
  • Participants will learn how to assist students to move beyond counting and become thinkers of mathematics through the "smart strategies" of computation.
  • Participants will learn why algebraic thinking and data analysis are critical to the elementary classroom.
  • Participants will learn what the guiding principles of elementary mathematics are and how to get these "big ideas" across to students.

About The Speaker:

Kathy Collins is a dedicated Kim Sutton advocate of almost 10 years. Kathy has 23 years experience as an elementary classroom math teacher of students possessing a wide range of academic abilities. For the past 8 years she has served as a District Math Coach and Math Specialist for many Title 1 campuses in one of the largest school districts in Texas. In addition to implementing Kim Sutton materials and activities in the classroom, Kathy has presented numerous math workshops at district and state conferences. Kathy has a passion for conducting energetic workshops and presentations for teachers. Her dedication and enthusiasm for math instruction is contagious. Kathy's professional mission is to help teachers and students experience the joy and success that energized math activities can bring to the classroom.


Registration 8:00 am
Class Starts 8:30 am
No Host Lunch 11:45 am
Adjourn 3:00 pm

Who Should Attend?

All K-5 Classroom Teachers, Resource Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators and Administrators should attend.


Substitutions may be made at any time. All cancellations received the day of the seminar or afterwards are subject to a $15.00 service charge.

University Credit:

1 unit of credit from Humboldt State University is available for an additional charge. These credential/licensure courses offered are designed primarily for elective or professional development purposes. Clock hours may also be available – details provided at the seminar.

What To Bring:

Scissors, marking pens, scotch tape, glue stick, stapler, hole punch and camera (optional).

How To Register:

Call (800) 841-5193 ~ or use our Online Registration Form: either mail, fax, or use your credit card on our secure server. Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express accepted (US funds only).